23rd April 2015


By signing your charity tax relief form  you can help Gorta-Self Help claim much needed funds back from the Revenue Commissioners.

21st November 2014

A widow, Schmegie Kulbla is part of the solution to the problem that small-scale farmers across Ethiopia face in accessing good quality crop seed.


17th November 2014

There has been exceptionally strong take-up for a new mobile phone-based agriculture information system rolled out by Gorta-Self Help Africa in Malawi.

Launched just weeks ago, the system has to-date been accessed by over 85,000 unique phone users across the country. At present, the platform provides advice on two crops - maize and peanuts - but advice on further crops will be added in the coming weeks.

13th November 2014
Our efforts across sub-Saharan Africa share a common goal – to enable the transition of rural family farmers from growing just enough to survive, to growing for profit.
31st October 2014
Widowed at a young age, 34-year-old Kenyan Rose Adera faced the daunting prospect of raising four children alone in a dilapidated home. But the support she received as a member of the Bukuma Village widow’s group changed that. With its backing, a lot of hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, Rose created a flourishing kitchen garden, which now supports her young family’s household needs.
22nd October 2014
The profits from each and every ticket sold is helping us to transform the lives of the people we work with across Africa. Thank you to everyone who took part and a big congratulations to our three lucky winners!
21st October 2014
For many years, Self Help Africa has helped farmers to access information on how they can improve their farming practices. A practice known as agricultural extension, our work in this area has seen us partner with local and national organisations to spread farming knowledge. One of the challenges in this work has always been scale - how to build a system that can reach large numbers of farmers in a cost efficient way
15th October 2014

A tomato preservation business established by a group of enterprising women in Malawi has underlined the huge potential for African smallholder farmers to earn more from the food that they grow.

Just a year after the first jars of garden fresh tomatoes rolled off the production line and the women behind Kwithu Kitchen (KK) are selling their product to some of the leading supermarkets and hotel chains in the Southern African country.

5th August 2014

That's right. The Great Gorta summer raffle is back!

This year you can win a top prize of €3,000. Tickets ONLY €3 or two for €5!

There is also a great prize for the top seller.

26th July 2014

I am writing to let you know the exciting news that Gorta and Self Help Africa have agreed to merge. By merging our organisations we can help more family farmers and save money. 



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