Our Programmes

Gorta has been working in partnership with the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) in Kirambi, central Rwanda since 2000. The programme - Kirambi Community Health and Development Programme - primarily works in the areas of food security, health and trauma counselling to address community health needs by focusing on mothers and children, public health, treatment care and support to people with HIV/AIDS.
The Agency for the Development of Women and Children (ADWAC) is a local NGO that provides support to communities in rural regions of the Gambia. Gorta and ADWAC have been in partnership since 2002 on a number of agriculture and livelihood interventions in the Njaba Kunda Eco-zone of the North Bank.
In the northwest region of Uganda Gorta has been working with local organisation Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD) on an integrated area based programme called the West Nile Development Initiative (WENDI).
In the northern region of Tanzania, Gorta is working with SARI in the Northern Zone of Tanzania on producing improved maize, grain legumes and ginger which are faster maturing, have higher yields and which require less irrigation than the local varieties, all of which result in a greater reliable source of food and income for a family throughout the year, helping in the fight against hunger.
Gorta is partnering with Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) on a food security and nutrition programme by working with 20 groups comprising of 25 members each. Our project aims to improve food security and nutrition among rural households by providing them with access to improved seeds and planting materials of crops with essential nutrients and increasing their nutrition knowledge and awareness.
Since partnering with Environment and Development in Zambia (EDZ) in 2001, Gorta is supporting an initiative that empowers women to set up their own beekeeping enterprises by producing honey that can be marketed locally and exported. The produce is processed into liquid honey, wax and other by-products and is then packaged in containers for various markets in Zambia and also exported to Zimbabwe and South Africa.
In 2011 Gorta launched a pioneering mobile Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic based out of Beit Cure Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. In a country of nearly fourteen million people, Zambia has only a handful of doctors employed to provide the vital surgical specialty needed to treat ear, nose and throat conditions. With over 65% of the population living in rural areas, the need for an outreach clinic is high.